Author: Samuel Needham

  • Temple of Robbers and Thieves: Massachusetts Episcopals Call on Bank of America to Repent

    Under a gray churning sky, as those with roofs over their heads in Boston threw together preparations for Sandy’s landfall, a group of Episcopalians made their stand against Bank of America. Two tempests were fuming a short time ago: one has subsided, leaving a trail of destruction here and to the south. But the other, […]

  • The Making of Willard "Mitt" Romney

    Recently disgraced conservative tent-pole Dinesh D’Souza has devoted the last three years of his public life to establishing a sort of determinism in Barack Obama’s administration. Obama’s father, as D’Souza argues in print and film, has wielded incalculable influence on his son’s career as an anticolonial activist, community organizer, academic, and politician. In a Forbes […]

  • Inside the Arab Autumn

    Mona Eltahawy held up her arms to block the blows from gendarmerie batons. The police had crossed from the cool evening exterior of the crowd into the steaming, dusty, tear-gas-choked innards of a movement. The rule had been that when the police enter the heart of the square, the weight of a dying regime lands […]

  • Homeless Vote: Losing one's home does not mean one loses the right to vote

    Tucked away in a corner of the mail-in voter registration form for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a small diagram of a city intersection, with streets labeled north, south, east and west. This chart, for those who cannot describe their place of residence “as a number and street or as a rural route and box […]