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by Alison Kentish Inter Press Service As the international community gathers for COP26 widely considered the most important climate  conference since the 2015  gathering which resulted in  the Paris Climate Agreement,  the World Meteorological  Organization (WMO) is  reporting that despite global  hits in trade and travel by the  COVID-19 pandemic, the  concentration of greenhouse  gases in

Brazil’s pigs help people produce clean energy

Pigs, already the main source of income in this small municipality in south-western Brazil, now have even more value as a source of electricity. The mini-thermal power plant of Entre Rios do Oeste, inaugurated on 24 July, uses the biogas provided by 18 farms, in a pioneering technical-commercial agreement in Brazil involving pig farmers, the

When the Climate Crisis Leaves You Homeless

In this piece from Sacramento’s Homeward Street Journal, the intersection between the housing, homelessness and climate crises are examined, and how nefarious actors are taking advantage of this confluence of events for their own gain. Tarp-covered tents crowd the Stockton Boulevard lot as those with nowhere else to go seek cover from pounding rains during

EPA Rule Increases Interstate Smog in New England, Lawsuit Says

Groups are suing the Environmental Protection Agency over their decision to rollback the “Good Neighbor” provisions of the Clean Air Act, which regulates interstate air pollution. In December, the EPA announced that states don’t need to comply with those requirements, saying power plants are already reducing air pollution. But the lawsuit alleges that decision puts

Climate activists and congress members push for a Green New Deal

Sunrise Movement held a protest on Capitol Hill. Photo: Ken Schles. “We’re gonna fix our climate, we’re gonna clean our air, and we’re gonna put people to work,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said to a crowd of protesters in front of the John F. Kennedy School of Government on Wednesday, December 5. She was joined by incoming

Ocean Monuments Have No Impact on Commercial Fishing

Public data on commercial fishing shows no losses from the creation of protected areas off the New England coast, according to a new analysis. The commercial fishing industry had opposed the creation of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, saying that prohibiting commercial fishing in the two areas would cripple the industry. But