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  • Central Square, Cambridge, MA

    Central Square, Cambridge, MA

    “The form of a city changes faster than the heart of a mortal.”– Baudelaire The streets teem with activity. There is a giant hole where the building filled with many small businesses, owned by individuals, flourished. There was a clothing store over 90 years old, a breakfast place where one whose pockets contained only a few […]

  • New Beginnings (Al Action Loves You)

    Hello Family,  It’s a new year with a new beginning.  Happy Black History Month. Every day should be  Black History Day.    This country was  built upon the backs of people  of color due to the ingenious idea of slavery. In this country the color of my skin should not be a crime.  So where […]

  • Where are the Priorities, Massachusetts?

    On Jan. 25, I watched and listened to the final State of the Commonwealth address by Governor Charlie Baker. As usual, there was a lot of chest-thumping. There always is with these things, which is why yours truly typically doesn’t watch. This time around, though, I figured, “Ahh, why not?” It was, after all, his […]

  • City of Boston Announces Affording Housing Projects to Receive Funding

    The City of Boston is investing $40 million to create and preserve 718 units of affordable housing in Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, Chinatown, Hyde Park, and Roxbury, Mayor Michelle Wu announced Tuesday.  “[It’s] a huge number that we’re really excited to see make a difference,” Wu said in an interview with Spare Change News. The funded […]


    As Michelle Wu ran for Mayor she saw first hand the struggles some residents were having finding and maintaining affordable housing in Boston. She met with residents at the 147 unit Forbes apartment complex in Jamaica Plain, which houses mostly low-income seniors and persons with disabilities, who were worried about losing their subsidized housing. She […]

  • Living the Pandemic Year in Harvard Square

    Living the Pandemic Year in Harvard Square

    Life being homeless on the streets of Harvard Square was tough, but I noticed last year a glimmer of hope.  As cruel winter came upon us, the food supplies were still coming and also water. I remember the first snowfall we got in December was not too bad but the cold could whoop us any […]

  • The “Fridge in the Square”

  • Shelter guests will begin to receive COVID-19 vaccines in late December, early January

    Vaccines against COVID-19 produced by Cambridge-based Moderna should start going to shelter guests at Pine Street Inn as early as next week or the first week of January. Pine Street Inn President Lyndia Downie said Massachusetts is one of the few states that is prioritizing shelters for the unhoused in its rollout of a vaccine. […]

  • Don’t Lose The Message

    In our first issue back, I wanted to thank folks for supporting us during quarantine because of COVID-19, but because of recent events I find myself angry as many people do and need to address it.  You’d have to be in a coma to not know what I’m talking about: the murders of Breonna Taylor […]