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Not Buying It: Boston Claims Chronic Homelessness is Down 20 Percent

Not Buying It: Boston Claims Chronic Homelessness is Down 20 Percent

A couple of weeks ago the City of Boston had a round table conversation with the press to let us all know that due to their efforts chronic homelessness in the city has been reduced by 20 percent since 2016. If yours truly had been present at this conversation, those government employees would have gotten

Boston progresses in goal to end chronic homelessness, despite large inflow over last two years

In a roundtable with the press on August 16, the City of Boston announced that their effort to house the chronically homeless population is seeing results, reducing the population by 20 percent since 2016. Since 2016, the city of Boston has housed 580 chronically homeless individuals — the start of Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s “Boston’s

Triage Tool Uses Health Care Info to House Homeless With Better Support Systems

Mathematica Policy Research released a study demonstrating that a triage assessment tool used by the Massachusetts Shelter and Housing Alliance (MHSA) can successfully predict the emergency resource utilization of chronically homeless individuals. The MHSA partners with organizations and service providers in the state to place chronically homeless people in housing with appropriate supportive services. Since

Boston’s Way Home fights to end chronic homelessness in Boston by 2018

Photo: Zengzheng Wang Wang Boston has one of the lowest urban street homelessness rates in the country, thanks to its strong web of homeless shelters and other resources. In fact, the total number of homeless individuals in Boston has declined by 14.5 percent since 2007. However, the city isn’t stopping there. Boston’s plan to end veteran

Chronic homelessness on decline in Connecticut

Chronic homelessness in Connecticut has dropped by 20 percent since 2015, according to a January report from the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH). According to a January 26 count coordinated by the CCEH, the number of people suffering from chronic homelessness has dropped from 538 to 439 since last year. The Department of Housing