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  • BIG SOX TO FILL: What the Red Sox Need After a Season to Forget

    Mark Addesa Spare Change News The 2011 Boston Red Sox were supposed to be the greatest Red Sox team ever put onto a baseball diamond. But the season was a complete failure, starting the season with seven losses and ending it by losing a nine-game lead in wild card race to the Tampa Bay Rays. […]

  • Gonna Hang My Heartache Out To Dry

    Somebody cries in the moon of the night, the neighbors notice but they turn out the light. Between the perfect world and the bottom line these troubled times break her spirit down. It must have been tough ‘cause it’s so easy to fall apart. It hurts looking back at the beginning of this and how […]

  • Tales of the Inner City: The Virus (Part 3)

    Marc D. Goldfinger Spare Change News Taken from The Diaries of the Damned—written before the Tales of Communion——Insect-O-War. Finally it was time to leave the bar. As Dean and Peddlar hit the streets Sky continued to hypnotize his followers, slipping them the odd bag of dope or shot of Jack Daniels as they needed it. […]

  • Tales of Inner City: The Virus (Part Two)

    “Clog. You are going to clog your rig.” “Oh.” Dean pulled the needle out of his arm and pressed down on the bulb to spray the old blood into the sink. There was a brief hesitation and then the grimy porcelain sink was covered in red. He ran water through the point. He put the […]

  • Column-A Shooting in Somerville

    On Friday, 33 year old Woman Carol Kingsley was killed by three Somerville Police Officers as they defended themselves. According to reports Ms. Kingsley suffered from grave mental health issues. Also according to reports she was admitted to Cambridge Hospital hours before the shooting. She had been brought there by Somerville Police but was let […]

  • The Purloined Heart III: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Joey Defalco’s father had prepared the love portion for him to use on Clark Bent by the next weekend, as promised. The portion was in the same type of bottle genies come out of in fantasy movies. It was a blood colored liquid and the Houngan told Joey Defalco to put it in Clark Bent’s […]

  • Playing for Change: A Musical Vision for a Better World

    Adam Sennott The music industry and street musicians from the beaches of Santa Monica California to the far corners of India are playing a tune of social change that is spanning the globe. The Playing for Change Foundation is a nonprofit, grassroots organization whose mission is to deliver a message of social change through music. […]