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  • Editorial: Occupy The Next Step

    A hand-made sign at the Occupy Boston encampment in Dewey Square asks: “Cardinal O’Malley, Where Are You?” The same might be asked of our leaders on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill, whose timidity has so far led them to keep a safe distance between their carefully manicured political images and the grungy, Woodstock-era look of […]

  • Mass. Wants New Emphasis on Housing over Shelters

    By Tom Benner First in a three-part series on the Patrick administration’s five-year plan to eliminate homelessness by 2013 Part One: The shift from shelters to housing Part Two: What the advocates and experts say Part Three: What policymakers say and next steps Housing First is a revolutionary concept in the fight against homelessness. Instead […]

  • Voices From The Street: October 22 Issue

    James Shearer This past week, Gov. Patrick announced that there was a budget shortfall of oh say $600 million or so. Naturally, Joe Taxpayer will have to pay for it with severe cuts to cities and towns already under the knife, (pun intended). Patrick may even cut some 2,000 state jobs before Christmas. Talk about […]