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Harvard Square Cafe Will Provide Jobs, Training to Homeless Youth in Cambridge

Two Harvard students have signed the lease for a cafe that would employ homeless youth in Cambridge. Breaktime is a cafe that has a mission beyond serving coffee and scones; the plan is to provide job training and stable employment for Cambridge’s economically insecure youth. Harvard undergraduates Tony Shu and Connor Schoen teamed up to

Students Urge Harvard to Honor Indigenous People, Not Columbus

A group of Native American students at Harvard University gathered on Monday and urged their colleagues to join their Indigenous People’s Day petition. This took place shortly after Harvard modified their academic calendar to list two holidays taking place on October 9: “Columbus Day”, as a federal holiday, and “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”, as a city

Teachers out in force to protest Betsy DeVos at Harvard

When Education Secretary Betsy Devos came to the Kennedy School of Government last week, she faced protesters outside the school as well as inside. The crowd outside included members of the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance, a coalition of teachers, parents, students, and civil rights groups. They were out front with signs and amplifiers making it

Harvard Law Students partner with Spare Change News

Harvard Law students Antoine Southern and Anne Rosenblum will be guiding Spare Change News vendors through the legal questions that come with being a small business owner. Courtesy photo We are third-year Harvard Law School students from the Transactional Law Clinics’ Community Enterprise Project, and we are partnering with Spare Change News to address some

Harvard Receives Grant to Study Racial and Economic Inequality, Influence Public Policy

Harvard University professor William Julius Wilson will be spearheading a new study conducted by the Hutchins Center for African and African American Studies. As recent news suggests, racial and economic inequality continues to be a poignant reality in America today. In response, the Hutchins Center’s study will send students onto the streets of Boston to