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  • The True Cost of Food

    How much would you expect to pay for the most basic plate of food? The kind of thing you might whip up at home – nothing fancy, just enough to fill you up and meet a third of today’s calorie needs. A soup, maybe, or a simple stew – some beans or lentils, a handful […]

  • Program matching SNAP dollars at farmer’s markets out of money this spring

    A program that rewards SNAP recipients for buying fresh produce will be out of funding for a few months this spring. The Department of Transitional Assistance says it can’t fund the Healthy Incentives Program, which provides dollar for dollar matches for SNAP money spent on fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, farm stands and mobile […]

  • Cold Weather, Colder Reality

    Cold Weather, Colder Reality

    Quincy COPE has been serving food and love at South Station for years with little or no complaints, that is until now. Apparently one of the Station’s security guards probably with nothing better to do approached Suzanne Featherstone (who is seen by many as the leader of the Quincy contingent) and the other volunteers and […]

  • Food Pantry for Students Pops Up at Emerson College

    Add Emerson College to the growing list of Massachusetts schools that have a food pantry on campus as an option for students. Office of Student Success Director Chris Daly said the pantry was set up about two weeks ago, when classes began for students, and was created to help students who are struggling financially. Located […]

  • Drop in food insecurity ‘not statistically significant’

    Recently published Census data shows a modest dip in the overall household poverty rate in 2016, yet the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) said that progress has been “too little and too slow.” “While progress is good, it merely underscores that poverty in this country remains too high, particularly harming children,” FRAC President Jim […]

  • How Boston is trying to combat the effects of hunger

    How Boston is trying to combat the effects of hunger

    Those in poverty face many challenges, but one of the most devastating challenges is hunger. Although Massachusetts does its part by enforcing a minimum wage that’s almost $3 higher than the federal minimum wage, the reality is that the benefit of those increased earnings are diminished rather quickly by the high rents in the Boston […]

  • GREAT DONATION: Sixth-graders donate cereal to Pine Street Inn

    GREAT DONATION: Sixth-graders donate cereal to Pine Street Inn

    Have you ever heard of someone wanting or needing 407 boxes of cereal? Well, that’s exactly what we, sixth graders at Pierce School in Brookline, collected in our cereal drive for the Pine Street Inn, an organization that works to provide shelter for homeless men and women. At Pierce School, we would usually collect toiletries […]

  • “WEIRD" AL OPENS UP: 32 years later, still surprised by success

    “WEIRD" AL OPENS UP: 32 years later, still surprised by success

    What can be said about “Weird” Al Yankovic that hasn’t already been said during his illustrious and highly influential 32-year career in the pop culture spotlight? Not much. Some words that come to mind though are humble, down-to-earth and “super chill.” Four Grammy Awards. More than 12 million records sold worldwide. Over 1,000 shows played […]