Tag: Issue 04-09-2013

  • Bullets

    Listening to the news about the broken bodies in a school, I was waiting for my wife not taking anything for granted. have we gone too far, are there too many of us, a behavioral sink, that we turn on each other, gun in hand, weapon in hand, innocent eyes burning with blood, tears in […]

  • Our Chemical Romance

    There are 85,000 synthetic chemicals in our midst, introduced into the environment since the Second World War. Over 216 everyday chemicals have proven correlations to breast cancer, and yet only 7% of the 3,000 in high production have been tested for detrimental effect. It is hard to comprehend a process where a blanket tsunami of […]

  • Worlds Apart

    It’s a complicated thing to shift base from where you have stayed all your life and move to a foreign country to start life over, anew and clueless. Except, I wasn’t really starting over when I moved to the United States in August, 2011. I couldn’t see it back then, as the excitement of independence […]

  • Keeping the Hope Alive through Trauma

    The following series of essays have been written while teaching ESL classes to adult students from all corners of the world (this writing exercise began in late January, and continues to be a part of my classes). Each morning, I required the first class – which was what inspired this project – to answer one […]

  • Detox Blues, Part Four

    (At this point in the story, my wife has just gotten out of detox and we’re both high, driving down the highway. I just cut someone off on the road, accidently, but he’s after us now.) The guy was on us again, like maggots on garbage. Coming real close and looking real grim, when I […]

  • Faktum Hotels Supplies the Homeless Experience

    Faktum Hotels offers a unique experience: sleeping on the streets. With beautiful, high-resolution photos of scenic cityscapes, one might mistake Faktum Hotels for an upscale evening of Michelin Star cuisine and high ceilings. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, their rooms are advertised as romantic getaways with historic surroundings, posh art, and a borderline pretentious appreciation for […]

  • An Interview with Vandana Shiva

    AMY GOODMAN: We continue our conversation on this International Women’s Day with world-renowned feminist, activist, thinker from India, Dr. Vandana Shiva. India witnessed nationwide protests earlier this year following the brutal gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in Delhi in December. The rape brought attention to other instances of sexual violence in India, […]

  • SCOTUS and Gay Marriage

    Boston’s Government Center was exceptionally colorful and loud on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, when large groups of people from all over united in favor of same sex marriage. A rainbow flag was raised in Government Center as a sign of support for this cause. The rally was held in recognition of the Supreme Court hearing […]

  • Prison Book Program Drive

    A few steps away from where John and John Quincy Adams are spending their eternal rest with their respective spouses, a hive of activity takes place in order to get books into the hands of prisoners across the country. This is the mission of the Prison Book Program, in service to the incarcerated for over […]

  • Support for Massachusetts Immigration Reform

    ‘When local law enforcement is used to deport innocent people, it is not only wrong but it has got to stop!’ Reverend Norm Faramelli’s words were met with a rousing cheer from a rally of more than one hundred people who had gathered on the steps of Boston’s Senate House on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013, […]