Tag: Issue 05-18-2012

  • Editorial: A Fight Over Scarce Resources

    The Patrick administration and homeless advocates are at odds for the second consecutive year over how scarce funds for homeless programs will be spent in the next state budget. The administration wants to limit the amount of money it spends on homeless shelters and motels, and move the savings into permanent housing and the support […]

  • Heroin Addiction: An Illness

    By Marc D. Goldfinger A chill ran through my body as I read of the murder of Barbara Coyne of Boston, 67 years old, allegedly by a young heroin addict known as Timothy Kostka, only 27 years old. Violence always did make me ill, especially violence that was irrational and had no valid purpose. I […]

  • AMERICA: A New Poem by A.D. Winans

    By A. D. Winans Drummed out of the infantry of death I came back to you carrying the poems of my soul opened the door of life and found only death inside America I have read the State of the Union and listened to the state of the econom in a state of hysteria America […]

  • Frederica M. Williams: On Expanding a Legacy and Health Facility

    Nakia Hill Spare Change News Dressed in a two-piece suit and pumps, Frederica M. Williams, President and CEO of Whittier Street Health Center, is making her mark on health care in Roxbury. Williams is contributing to a legacy that her beloved father asked her to carry out before he passed away from diabetes. “My father […]

  • A Team of Socially Conscious Techies Spends a Weekend Building Websites for Non-Profits (Including Us)

    Trisha Craig Spare Change News Thanks to a crack team of socially conscious computer programmers and web designers, Spare Change News has a new website that was unveiled this week. SCN was one of 31 non-profits to benefit from 2012 New England GiveCamp, a weekend-long extravaganza of coding that allows organizations in need of new […]