Tag: Issue 11-14-2011

  • Poetry: Westwood Lodge, 1980–1990

    Westwood Lodge, 1980–1990 By Sarah Hanna And then again, you go west, to that perennial Resort at the end of the bending street, row of pines, Where Sexton strolled through noon, made mocassins, And danced in a circle: the Summer Hotel. Why every tumid season, cicadas burning blue, Beetles mounting one another, chewing all the […]

  • As the Sun Sets Over Port-au-Prince

    Jacques Fleury Spare Change News In honor of my mother Marie-Evelyne, an iconoclast in her own right In Haiti I grew up taking blood baths, basking in the epoch of oppression. My nation was occupied by the French, and despite my French influence, I consider myself a Creole poet and not a French Creole poet. […]