Tag: Issue 11-18-2011

  • Detox Made Difficult

    James Shearer Spare Change News A couple of weeks ago I spent the better part of two days trying to get a friend into a detox program. For those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s a place where people who are looking to get off of drugs and/or alcohol go first, […]

  • The Straight Story

    Marc D. Goldfinger Spare Change News There are so many things going wrong right now in our country that I find it hard to begin because I am overwhelmed. Some of these flaws are worldwide and our country isn’t doing anything about it. Where do I start? Okay, for one, our species worldwide pushed 564 […]

  • Learning from the Sixties: A Talk with John Maher

    Learning from the Sixties: A Talk with John Maher

    A new book, Learning From The Sixties: Memoir Of An Organizer, is intended to pass on the lessons learned along the way by anti-Vietnam War activist and political organizer John Maher, a longtime Cambridge resident, to a new generation. In the book, Maher describes his journey from student activist, a leader of the New Left, […]

  • Occupy Boston: Homeless Occupiers Speak Out

    Nakia Hill Spare Change News Occupy Boston has become home to homeless people in the city who have been waiting for a public sphere to voice their opinions about the economic disparities in the country. The movement acts as a safer haven than underneath bridges, the gritty streets they sleep on and the crowded shelters. […]

  • Local Supermarkets Help Fight Hunger

    Robert Sondak Spare Change News The September 2011 U. S. Department of Agriculture Household Food Security Report showed that 1 in 10 Massachusetts households lacked the food resources necessary to provide adequate nutrition for all people at some point in the past year. The U.S. Census 2010 Report showed that 245,000 households (or 600,000 people) […]

  • Diane Patrick: Face Up to Domestic Violence

    Beatrice Bell Spare Change News First Lady Diane Patrick was at the Tip O’Neill Federal Building in Boston recently to discuss her experiences living in an abusive first marriage for seven years. She managed to move on and today is married to Gov. Deval Patrick. This is her talk as recorded and transcribed by Beatrice […]

  • In Harvard Square, Student-Led Shelter Offers Beds through the Winter

    Julie Monrad Spare Change News On a beautiful November Saturday, enhanced by crisp, cool air and the sun setting fire-red leaves aglow, a group of Harvard students gathered at the University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square, ready to clean. These students, armed with cleaning buckets and scrubby pads, were preparing for the annual November 15th […]

  • Editorial: Charlie on the MBTA

    Remember the old folk song about Charlie on the MTA, the man who never returned? It’s now called the MBTA, and the modern-day Charlie may never return because T service can be so erratic and unpredictable. Charlie is likely to jump back into his car and further plug Boston’s hopelessly clogged arteries, which is exactly […]