Tag: Issue 12-30-2011

  • Love, Lies, & Broken Dreams

    Marc D. Goldfinger Spare Change News There is no sense of time here. Have I been in the Troll’s basement for 30 days? Or has it been 30 years? The other junk- ies who dropped in here today tell me that it is raining outside. They say it has been raining for days now. It […]

  • Editorial: An affront to civil liberties

    The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 has passed, much to the anger of those who found out about it while it was working its way through Congress. For those who don’t know, the big commotion over this bill sprouted from a provision, now known as Section 1031, which authorized the indefinite detainment […]

  • A staff made up of the homeless

    Beatrice Bell Spare Change News Though they offer services from cleaning to asbestos inspections, what really sets Morning Starrs Cleaning Technicians apart from other housekeeping companies is their staff, most of whom are or have been homeless.The company is run by R C McCall, who first came up with the idea at Rosie’s Place.) Most […]

  • Chelsea is the tip of a corrupt iceberg

    James Shearer Spare Change News Hello boys and girls, when last we spoke I told you a little about the corrupt Chelsea Housing Authority Executive Director who was making a tad too much moola that the state didn’t even know about. As I said then, it seemed that no one is minding the store. But […]

  • Helping The Planet, Saving Money: Non-profit Helps Others Go Green

    Jonah Comstock Spare Change News Tucked into the back corner of the modest kitchen, the Energy Star refrigerator still manages to dominate the room. It’s huge, it’s shiny, and it’s new the Cambridge Community Center near Central Square just purchased the unit in July. The new fridge, which will save $3,862 in energy costs and […]

  • Sol Y Canto: Latin roots music to change the world

    Nakia Hill Spare Change News The Amador family of Cambridge has a lot to be thankful for this coming New Year. First, the dynamic duo of Sol Y Canto and their 15-year-old twin daughters, Alisa and Sonia, recently released the audio recording of Lola’s Fandango, published by Barefoot Books. Second, they’ve had numerous performances, including […]

  • A talk with Dennis Culhane A National Expert on Housing Issues

    Chalkey Horenstein: Let’s start with some background information. What kind of work have you done to research homelessness and the ways to prevent it? Dennis Culhane: Among other things, I worked as a consultant to the state of Massachusetts for four years — the last year of the Romney administration and first three years of […]