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  • Trump’s Record on LGBT Rights: Abhorrent, Unprecedented

    After his first year in office, President Donald Trump’s record on LGBT rights and protections fairs far worse than his predecessors, a new report finds. The report from The Fenway Institute, an education, research, training and policy center in Boston focused on access to health for traditionally underserved communities, states that the Trump administration “has […]

  • VOICES FROM THE STREET: Thinking of you, Willa

    VOICES FROM THE STREET: Thinking of you, Willa

    It’s maddening as a writer when you’re working on your column and you’re way past deadline. Then something pops up. It makes you stop the presses and restart as I’m doing now. I don’t like it but if I don’t get this out it would be lost. By now everyone on the planet has seen […]