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  • Federal Weed Ban Brings Back Memories

    The people of Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana but now Trump Appointee Attorney General Jeff Sessions is threatening to arrest the suppliers who are gearing up to sell marijuana in our state. It’s a shame that the federal opposition is making it difficult to carry out the will of the people of Massachusetts who approved […]

  • The Legalization of Marijuana

    The Legalization of Marijuana

    The legalization of marijuana has brought back many memories. Let me tell you a story about my life in 1967. I was struggling with heroin addiction and had finally sworn off the stuff. But back then, being clean meant just not shooting heroin. Marijuana was a nothing drug. Everyone smoked. When I kicked heroin, my […]

  • Can Weed Help Homeless People in Massachusetts?

    Can Weed Help Homeless People in Massachusetts?

    The short answer: yes, possibly. Last month, Colorado’s third largest city announced that it will use a portion of its revenue generated from tax on recreational cannabis to support homeless people and local city nonprofits. Aurora, Colo., expects to bring in $4.5 million from marijuana sales, according to the Aurora Sentinel. The City Council has plans […]

  • Unregular Radio

    Peter Prokesch Spare Change News I walk up and down Boston’s Bedford Street three times, baffled and unable to find the building for Unregular Radio. A scruffy man in his early twenties with oversized sunglasses and shoulder-length hair emerges from an ally. My first lead. I retrace his steps and find a door with an […]

  • Up In Smoke: Marijuana Prohibition Costs Billions

    AARON JAMES Spare Change News The night’s air was frigid. He had been at college only a week. Even if it were a two-year junior college, it was in some respects a defeat to be there in and of itself for the young boy. He had fought through many battles with depression and drug abuse […]