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  • Know Hard Times or Homelessness? We’d Love You to Work For Us!

    What does the Trump Era mean for Spare Change News? In the simplest terms, it means that we as an organization feel called to think bigger. The original vision of the Spare Change founders to “build a bridge between the haves and the have nots” takes on a new urgency today as current events suggest […]

  • A Cold Weather Message from C.O.P.E.

    A Cold Weather Message from C.O.P.E.

    Photo: Sushant Bhosale This weekend’s weather forecast looks bleak, especially for those who call the streets their home. Expected windchill factors could be as low as -23 degrees. I’m feeling a sense of anxiety and urgency. Not for me, but for our friends who will not have a safe and warm place to go as […]