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Reprisals: A Poem by Mike Fiorto

Up in Shohola we met Nick Dillard, He asked us to come to his house. He had built it, he said, shingle and thatch, Sometimes he lived there with his spouse.   She’s sick now, arthritis, Too hard to come up; she stays in Stroudsburg these days. He comes for the hunting, Bears and coyote,

If They Come For Me

Tell them I was here a while, that I loved some good women, but that the ones I loved best left. If they try to break down my door, tell them I wrote a lot of poems, too many, perhaps, and some plays, and two novels. Tell them none of this paid my rent or

The Damage Done

By Marc D. Goldfinger “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”—–‘William Shakespeare, The Tempest, act I, scene 2’ Sascha watched the sky as it began to darken. The powdery snow drifted in the wind. She pressed her hand against the window and scraped the ice on the glass with her fingernail. Sascha knew

What’s A Few Years?

Ed Galing You wake up one morning and you are feeling good you are ninety years old live alone without a wife and take care of yourself and most of the time you are in a bad mood old age makes you that way today is different for you the sun is shining through your

Poetry from Andrew Rosen

Currency Loneliness is our constant currency. No bills, no coins, it circulates with water underground, with wind through avenues. This is human strangeness. Beings coagulate while staying separate. Loneliness springs, withers, and springs against gruff brick, our separate enclosures with openings for the hard-to-forget sun and the more erratic moon, our guardian alone and shining.

Marc Goldfinger: Spoken Word

[img_assist|nid=121|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=234|height=237]Marc Goldfinger, a  former Spare Change News vendor and Editor-in-Chief and current columnist and Poetry Editor, has arranged for the album “Getting Fixed,” performed by the Jeff Robinson Trio, as a download for our readers. Feel free to check out his poetry and the beautiful rhythms of the trio: All he asks in return is