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  • Stray to Tent A Forever Home: A Book Review

    Stray to Tent A Forever Home: A Book Review

    Stray to Tent A Forever Home http://www.straytotentaforeverhome.com What a glory! This book by Gary Clark is beautifully illustrated to raise children’s awareness about homelessness in a positive, loving way. It says that it is for children from the ages of 5 to 8 but really, this is a book for everybody. Really, I found the […]

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: No place like home

    EDITOR’S NOTE: No place like home

    When I first applied for affordable housing in Somerville three years ago, I had no idea the dream of having my own place would eventually become a reality. It was a long shot. I submitted forms for the AVA Somerville complex slotted for Assembly Square and I quickly dropped off the required paperwork. I crossed […]

  • Disunion in Union Square: Controversy Heats Up Somerville Neighborhood

    Liam Cunningham Spare Change News A positive redevelopment project? Or a textbook case of harmful gentrification? This is the central question driving a debate in Somerville that has created a stark division of opinion between residents, community organizers, politicians, attorneys, and landowners involved with the issue. The issue revolves around a proposed renovation project to […]