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  • Clean and Sober: Recovery After Suboxone

    The opioid trail is a long difficult road. I appreciated Felice Freyer’s article in the Aug. 19 edition of the Boston Globe, which was about getting help for opioid addiction in Massachusetts. I am a person with a Substance Use Disorder in “remission.”   It took me a long time to get where I am. I’m 72 […]

  • The Suboxone Withdrawal Diaries, Part 2

    “Late last night and the night before, Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at the door. I want to go out, don’t know if I can, ‘cause I’m so afraid of the Tommyknocker (dealers) man.” — The Tommyknockers, by Stephen King; a book, that helped me get through this.   August 21 This is day 8 of my […]

  • Harm Reduction Exists for Heroin Addicts

    According to Mike Stobbe of the Boston Globe, there is a safe place where heroin addicts can go to shoot up, and it’s been operating underground in the United States for the past three years. The underground safe place opened in 2014 somewhere in New York. The location has not been revealed because it’s not […]

  • Suboxone: A Positive Alternative to Heroin Addiction

    Suboxone: A Positive Alternative to Heroin Addiction

    Addiction is a mental illness that has been misconstrued and stereotyped, especially since the early 1900s when it was criminalized. Addicts are often represented as bad people rather than sick people. In 1914, the Harrison Narcotics Act was passed into law, immediately criminalizing people suffering from substance use disorder. Ironically, the Bayer company, famous for […]