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Protests against Kavanaugh bookend the week in Boston

Protests against Kavanaugh bookend the week in Boston

The week leading up to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States started and ended with rallies protesting his appointment. On Monday, Oct. 1, hundreds of people gathered on City Hall Plaza next to a Forbes 30 Under 30 event  where Senator Jeff Flake was scheduled to speak. Flake had called

State’s Top Court Weighs New Defense for Homeless Man Accused of Trespassing to Escape Dangerous Cold

Photo: Alena Kuzub A case argued before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court this month could have major implications for those who trespass to escape dangerously cold winter nights. Justices heard an appeal in the case of David Magadini, a 67-year-old homeless man from Great Barrington who was sentenced to 30 days in jail last year

Supreme Court Protects Homeless Rights

As this article will explain, numerous important issues involving the rights of the homeless have been addressed recently by our legal system, including a major victory for the homeless through the Supreme Court’s June 29 ruling in Thayer v. City of Worcester, in which the Homeless Empowerment Project was involved. As most of our regular