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  • Evacuated Homeless Campers Return to Houston Overpass After Hurricane Harvey

    Residents living in the homeless encampment under Houston’s 59 overpass got some good news recently when they received a temporary restraining order preventing the city from enforcing its anti-camping ban. The reprieve did not last long. Within 48 hours, the residents were forced to leave anyway, as Hurricane Harvey slammed into the region. The hurricane […]

  • Extreme Weather Events: ‘Let’s Talk About Them’

    Extreme Weather Events: ‘Let’s Talk About Them’

    With residents of Texas and Louisiana struggling to recover from what has now been classified as the worst rain event in U.S. history, Bay Staters will soon have a chance to discuss and learn more about extreme weather events. Karen Price is environmental co-chair for the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts. The League is […]