Honoring February's Events Through Poetry

Poets from across the Boston area gathered at Out Of Town News in Harvard Square Friday, February 12, to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and Black History Month. Meanwhile, the artists in attendance also remembered those who lost their lives and the many more who were displaced by last month’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.

The readings, which took place exactly one month after the earthquake, were led by Haitian native Jean-Dany Joachim. The poet Joachim holds the title of Cambridge Poet Populist, making him a prominent member of the local arts scene. The event also featured readings from several poets, including one of Jean-Dany’s close friends from Bunker Hill Community College, an author who shared his poem about a man whose love for his wife carried him through several days in the rubble of a collapsed building in Haiti.

According to a February 12th article by PR Newswire, the American Red Cross has raised nearly $255 million dollars towards relief efforts in Haiti. Nevertheless, over a million Haitians still lack adequate shelter. To make a donation to the American Red Cross please visit:







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