Rain, Rain, RainBoW

Gregory Haygood

Editor’s Note: The following passages are excerpts from a novella written by Gregory Haygood, which will be published under the name that appears above: Rain, Rain, Rain-BoW. The complete story will eventually be offered for purchase through sparechangenews.net. Keep watching the site and the newspaper for more information, and please contact our office at (617) 497-1595 if you are interested in Mr. Haygood’s work.

“Try to do anything you want—I don’t have anything to do—what about you too? The rain will fall and you and Bo will not have anything to do at all.”

“Yes we will—I and Bo will watch you—because there will be something that you will do Sasha, how come you don’t want to stay inside so that we can play—Malia, can’t you see how windy it is out there, it’s just right for us today. Then Bo can do the same thing as me before it rains and we are all wet, because we were outside when we weren’t supposed to be.”

“Do you think that our brand new dog friend Bo is afraid if it’s raining? So then—there’s no reason for why you should be complaining.”

“Alright, I’m going to listen to you—all I want is for you to do some of the fun things with me too.”

“Barack, our kids should not be our there on the lawn because the weather soon is going to be raining and inside here is where they oughta be.”

“Michelle, the weather is fine—Bo and the kids should be able to play, especially if it’s going to rain today—where are Malia and Sasha anyway?”

“Barack, I think that they are somewhere getting ready with Bo, so that they can go out to play before it begins to rain today.”

“Yes, I’m sure you’re right—we aren’t at our ordinary home anymore, this is Washington and we live now in the White House and I’m the President of the U.S. Living here is sure not going to be like no other place. Do you think that the kids are glad about the progress we’ve made Michelle?”

“Barack let’s just hope so for the children’s sake. We’ve left Chicago and are here in this different state, where you are now the President, having made an achievement that is great.”

“I love you Michelle and am glad that you’re Mrs. Obama. The kids have Bo, I’m so glad they’re so good—maybe being here
at the White House (4 extra years) longer as the President of the U.S.”

“We are the Obamas. Yes, new to Washington to bring in excellence with two kids, our family enjoying life headed to a beautiful horizon—Barack Obama and Michelle, now Bo our kids’ new pet. Barack I hope that when they go out to play with their new dog, that they don’t get wet. Barack, you know Bo and how the kids like to play with him—I don’t think that it would be a bad idea if we joined them, we are not too old to have some fun with our kids. There could be a game I think that we can all play, having fun with Bo before it rains.”

* * *

“Michelle we can watch the kids do whatever they do and then me and you can join them too. We’ve got a lot of photographers out here so there’s going to be pictures of the kids and Bo.”

“Ha, ha, ha, they’re having so much fun Barack. Malia, Sasha do you have anything with you for Bo to eat? Maybe some kind of treat? He’s doing all of the work now that’s not how it’s supposed to be. I’m going to give him something and then he’ll be playing with me.”

“Michelle, I’m with the kids—Bo!! Over here. Bo! No Bo, over here.”

“Ha ha ha Dad, you and Mommy are having more fun.”

“No Bo, it’s the kids’ turn. So we’ll stop to watch Sasha run that way and Bo will too. I know honey, I just wanted to smile for one of them pictures with you. He’s coming this way now—Bo is going to be in the picture too and it’s not raining yet. Yes Sasha, I wonder if the forecast was true. Malia, Sasha, it’s time to give Bo one of the treats, he’s been having so much fun, now I think it’s time for him to have something to eat.”

“You’re right Michelle about him having so much fun, except it looked like that was with you, so how’s about you do some of the feeding too?”

* * *

“Let’s go Michelle. Do you see that there?”

“What do you mean our kids playing?”

“No it’s a rainbow!”

“Yes my goodness and there hasn’t even been any rain yet.”

“Let me tell you why—if it’s as bright the way that it is now, that means that there’s rain on the way, so there’s a picture of how beautiful it’s going to be today, it will not be there for long. That’s because that’s the way the sun was before it’s raining.”

“Oh Barack! Were you trying to recite me a poem?”

“Michelle, it wasn’t me, it was you.”

“Hey, I thought I felt something Barack.”

“You’re trying to say it was my touch! And the words how they felt like so much, so you felt good.”

“Wait a minute, it’s becoming darker. Hey Malia, Sasha. Michelle I think that it’s time for us to get in.”

“Yes Mr. President sir: it’ll soon be pouring rain. Bo, kids, let’s go. Malia pick up the treats. Sasha you get the dog’s leash.”

“Daddy can I take one more picture before we leave?”

“Yes we can all be in this one like a family.”

“Mr. President? Mr. President look this way.”

“Smile, Sasha, with Bo.”

“Michelle, Michelle, Mrs. First Lady Michelle Michelle Obama. Mr. President. How’s about a picture of the whole family and your new dog Bo?”

“Please everyone you’ll all be satisfied before we go, we wouldn’t want to keep you here, looks like the rain. You’ve got to be quick with your cameras so that we can go inside.”

“Are you going to continue playing with the family and your dog Bo inside the White House Mr. President?”

“Sasha, just one picture of you and your sister near the dog’s mouth. Smile Sasha, smile Malia, it’s now time for us to go.”

“Thank you all for being so cooperative, I’ve got to get inside. Where we live, it’ll soon be not the kind of weather for me and Michelle to be out here with our kids.”

“I wanna go inside now, I’m getting my hair wet because of the rain.”

“Look, Sasha’s crying. Look, look Sasha, look this way. Sasha come on now we are going inside now. It’s ok, your hair’s not the only thing that’s wet, look at your dog Bo, his face is a mess. When we go back inside you’ll go to your room and make sure your hair is dry and Miss Whipple will take Bo so he can take off his sweater because it’s probably as wet as his hair and you both will feel much better. Malia come on we are all going back inside because of the weather. Goodbye everyone. Yes let’s go Bo—Malia, Sasha, wave goodbye—you heard your mother, now let’s go inside.”

* * *

“Malia, are you glad about our dad?”

“Sasha, what do you mean?”

“We are not the same anymore.”

“I know it’s what life’s all about. I’m glad about Dad. You should be too, because when you get older you’ll do the same thing too. It doesn’t matter whatever it is, you’ll only know that you’re not anymore a kid and you’ll have to make the best at whatever you did.”

“That’s how he became President, it’s what he wanted to be, just like me when I’m older what I’ll want to do.”

“Sasha, you don’t think about it too? You should because like everyone we are going to be on our own. I’d rather be happy than feeling all alone. It’s what happens to some people who don’t succeed, and that’s not one of those kind of people that you want to be.”

“Then Malia, do you already know what you want to do?”

“Heck no! I’m too young just like you. I only know that I’m glad the President is our dad—so when I’m older, I’ll be someone who does what it is that I wanted to do and not be someone who failed and is sad because it’s a chance that they had. That’s why Sasha it’s good for us to try to make sure that we do good in school, that’s the way we’ll be able to succeed in this rainy life—we will still be happy and like Mommy maybe somebody’s wife. That’s only if you’re someone who wants to get married, just like our mom and our daddy. Do you know Malia, when you’re older if you’ll get married?”

“No, I think about school more and living here in Washington.”

“I’m glad, Malia, that we talk about things the way we do—you’re not only my sister, you’re my friend.”

“Yes Sasha, and when we get older our friendship will never end. We can ask Miss Whipple if Bo is dry yet, because it’s not going to stop us from being able to play, and I watch what you do, you and Bo inside here in our room, because out there we can’t have fun until the day is better and not this kind of weather.”

“Children, how would you like for your dog to come into your bedroom?”

“Bo, he’s dry?”

“Yes kids, that’s right. You have permission to be able to continue to play. That’s because this is going to be a rainy day. I know Bo wants to do the same thing with you, so kids enjoy and try not to make this a messy room.”

“Bo here! Bo no—no! Bo here, over here—hahaha!”

“You kids have fun and I’ll be back to let you know when it’s time for your dog to get some rest.”

“Thank you Miss Whipple, you’re the best!”

“No kids, it’s not me, it’s your dog. You’ve got the best dog—everyone must see him and think they would like to have a chance like you two because Bo always seems to make you glad.”

“That’s because he’s just like you said—he’s the best.”

“Have fun!”

* * *

“Mr. President sir, have you made a decision where you’ll be having your dinner? It’s the weather sir. You may have to consider going somewhere close by, there’s reports that it’s not going to stop, only getting harder to bear.”

“Harder? Miss Whipple is it coming down harder and has there been a report about the weather that you’ve seen?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well I suppose we will have our dinner here. Michelle, why don’t you go let the children know and now they’ll be able to enjoy it with their dog Bo.”

“Sasha, did you hear that? That was loud. I don’t think that I want to go now. Where is Bo, where is Bo? He must be scared! Let’s go and get him and bring him inside here. It’s the rain, it’s the rain. It’s coming down really hard now! Go, go and get Bo! I’ll be looking out the window.”


“You don’t have to worry, it’s only raining and maybe it won’t be for long. You’ll be in our bedroom, where nothing will go

“Come on Bo, come on!”

“Sasha, look and bring Bo—you’re going to have something that I want you to see.”

“What Malia, what can it be?”

“It’s only raining but now it’s got Bo scared.”

“Yes Sasha, but look, look way over there. It’s a rainbow!”

“Yes I see the rain, it’s still coming down.”


“I’m sorry Bo, we’ll have to stay inside here. That’s only until it stops raining out there. And we can watch the rainbow from inside here.”

Gregory Haygood lives at a shelter and is a writer that became someone by accident. He has written four books and plans to entertain the public with a future of enjoyable stories. Titles such as Rainbow, Colonel Bush Goes to War, My Mouth Almighty Oprah Winfry, and You and You OBAMA DRAMA are the first of what may be a start to a beautiful new horizon. These are all written from no main source of reality, except, can make the reader feel like they’re real so enjoy and know that each item or story has not been derived truthfully. Instead, these are works of fantasy, done by me, for your enjoyment.






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