Come to the Table: All Are Invited…

…To The Supper Club: A Meal Fit For a King or a Queen.

Sheila Callahan

The 6pm Supper Club on Church Street at First Parish in Cambridge opens its palace gate every Tuesday. Noblemen, along with the tattered and broken, princesses, along with the abused, oppressed and forsaken, enter the dining hall.

Coffee, tea and juice by the door, self serve. Friendly chatter commences among volunteers and guests. Delicious cooking aroma ascends from the kitchen. A lot of love goes into planning and preparing nutritious meals.

The Royal Chef Judy (the program manager) shops at the Boston Food Bank and the Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (or the CEOC; “Coveted Electives of Cuisine”). Always with an eye out for the freshest vegetables and some kind of meat, though some guests are vegetarians. Judy’s aim is always to create meals balanced and tasty. Many guests rave about how much improved the meals are since Judy joined the Supper Club.

Our Royal Chef Judy worked in the corporate world until she was in her forties. She went to graduate school to become a minister, then worked in outreach for fifteen years, including in women’s shelters and soup kitchens. She lived and worked in Haley House in the South End for three years. Judy has two adult daughters. One is an artist and chef. The other owns a health food store and is a nutrition consultant.

All are invited to the table every Tuesday at 6pm to have a delicious meal and to meet our Royal Chef Judy and all of the dedicated volunteers. If you’re able, pies or a donation to purchase food for a special holiday meal are much appreciated.

Judy works on a shrinking budget. It is amazing how far so little goes. Judy prepared a banquet for all the many helpers who make the meals possible. Rewards were given out. Eighteen years of faithful service by one volunteer Patience. Many other loyal helpers received awards.

From time to time the Supper Club is honored to be graced by a maestro at the piano. If you’re a musician consider trying the experience. Children too volunteer. From a Temple they are learning Tikkur Olam to repair the world by reaching out to serve those who are poor and in need. Long existing stereotyping is being broken down. The children are given the opportunity to learn first hand the joy of being part of something so beautiful. And how their own humanity fits into the scheme of things in this life.

Let the children lead the way.





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