Stories: some sad, some really stupid, all interesting…

1. Lawsuit against Happy Meals.

I’d like to introduce you to the true enemy of our children folks, none other than that harbinger of evil, Ronald McDonald. That’s right kiddies, Ronald is evil. According to a study done by the CSPL, children are overweight because of McDonald’s Happy meals. How does the fast food chain do this? Buy concocting a diabolical plan in which they put toys into the meals. This somehow puts the children under a spell that draws them to the Happy Meal; after which they begin to enjoy the cheeseburger and French fries that come with the toy.

[img_assist|nid=298|title=The New Hamburgler?|desc=Graphic by Brendan Bernard|link=none|align=center|width=490|height=640]

How ingenious. The folks from the CSPL want you to know that they intend to protect our children against this evil by filing a lawsuit against the fast food giant in order to get them to stop making Happy Meals…Give me a break. First of all, do you believe that the government actually funds idiot groups like this? Secondly, why, when we are trying to figure out what’s wrong with our youth, are we ready to blame anything but parenting? It’s the TV, video games, rock and roll, etc. Third, don’t blame the clown if you don’t have the balls to tell your kids no you can’t have it. Last point, how are you idiots going tell me what to feed my kids when you can’t even plug a leak.

2. Without a license.

Were you as shocked and horrified as I was when it came out that MBTA subway operators are not required to have driver’s licenses? How in the hell can these folks over there get away with this? Thousands put their lives into the hands of Subway Operators every day, and they don’t even have the proper paperwork to operate a machine that weighs several thousand pounds and could kill everyone on board with one wrong turn. What sort of idiot would let this go on? This does explain a few things; like the couple of crashes that have occurred over the last couple of years. Makes you wonder what else they’re not telling us. Then again maybe we really don’t want to know. But I do know one thing, if I were the Governor of the Commonwealth I would want to make sure that the people would be safe and would call for an investigation to find out why this went on for so long.

3 The Winchester Murders

I was watched the news the other morning when the story of the murder that had happened the previous week in Winchester Mass came on. You’ve heard about it. How a husband woke up one morning and killed his entire family. The enormity of such a tragedy doesn’t hit you until you take the time to really think about it. There I was watching the story when a picture of the two children came up on screen; I looked into those little blue eyes and nearly lost it. How in the hell could you murder two sweet innocent children in cold blood, especially if they’re your own? This coward couldn’t even kill himself. I watched as his parents came up with those “he’s a good boy” stories, and you know the old “they were having financial problems,” has already been bounded about. The first one…Ok, we were all good boys. However, the latter …Bull. You know what, I was homeless, addicted to drugs, broke and sleeping on cardboard boxes and never once did the thought ever occur to me, “I will slaughter my whole family, that’ll make everything ok” And you know what’s the sick part about this folks, this coward will be protected in jail. He will eat his meals and get his recreation separately from everyone else, so he won’t get killed. I don’t believe in the Death Penalty….But sometimes…

4. A little hope please.

I was watching a report about a new hospital wing at Mass General that would make it a lot cheaper for parents and children to be housed during cancer treatments. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age but that story moved me, and it got me thinking. Why aren’t we doing more to help one another? We are so divided by our stupid childish differences. What we should be really doing is working together to take care of our children, end homelessness, etc, But we don’t, Somehow we must overcome our petty squabbles and work together. Now while your thinking about that I’m going take my grandchildren out for a Happy Meal.





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