For the Past Five Years

For the past five years, anyone that passed the corner of Tremont Street and Winthrop Street in Boston knew the daily smile of George (Peanut) Beatty as he sold the Boston Herald Newspaper. Unfortunally, that smile has recently faded away with his early passing on May 30, 2010.

George was born the son of the late George and Barbara Beaty and received his education in the Boston Public School system where he graduated from Madison Park High School.

Throughout his earlier years at Madison Park High School, George was a star basketball player and loved to recount the stories to all those who would listen. His love for sports continued through the coaching with teams such as B.N.B.L., Sociendad Latina, and Ebony and Ivory. Beatty also coached at the U.Mass Boston from 1998-2002.

For many years, Beatty worked at the Boston Housing Authority and as a cook for the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Beatty married Phyllis Stockton with whom he had seven children in which his memory will survive.

He leaves behind his beloved fiancée, Liz (Mama), his seven children, Lamont, Eisha, George III, Beverlyann, Benjamin, Phyllis, Andreisha, and Stephanie Rose, and grandchildren, Cheyanne, Daisha and George IV, and a host of other surviving relatives and friends.

We here at Spare Change News send our deepest condolences to Beatty’s family, friends and relatives.

A poem from Brother George L. Beatty’s Children

“God has reached down and took his own

and carried him gently to his home

Rest my dear father from all your labor,

for we know that god is able”

Sleep on dear father and take your rest.

We all love you, but God loves you best.






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