From The New Executive Director

Alan Feinberg
Spare Change News

I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to all the readers.

My name is Alan Feinberg, and I have over 30 years experience in the social services field. I have worked in diverse and economically disadvantaged communities throughout Greater Boston. I am very familiar with the issues of at-risk populations, including the homeless, and I have dedicated my life to advocating and empowering people towards self-sufficiency.

I have had various leadership responsibilities throughout my professional life, and I have learned to measure the little victories. They do add up!

This a very exciting time to be part of HEP and Spare Change as our potential is unlimited, and we see a lot positive changes for ourselves and our vendors in the near future.

We have created and printed a HUB RESOURCE GUIDE, a pocket guide which lists many homeless service providers throughout the Greater Boston area. So far, the response to the guide has been very positive.

If you are near our office, stop in and say hello.

ALAN FEINBERG is executive director of Spare Change News. Email him at





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