James Shearer
Spare Change News

A couple of days ago I participated in a forum, The MetroWest Homelessness Forum in Wellesley
(Yes there is homelessness in Wellesley.)

It was inspiring. I felt a ray of hope, which is pretty unusual these days.

Most of the time when I go to an event like this with advocates I get a lot of great speeches and not much else. Not this time. What stayed with me the most was something the keynote speaker Representative Byron Rushing be done. Just as the fight to end homelessness has made great strides with Housing First programs, but still more must be done.

We must keep fighting until everyone is housed. We must do this by creating jobs, building real affordable housing, and addressing people’s needs before they hit the street.

In a couple of months I will be stepping down as the president of the Homeless Empowerment Project. But I won’t be stepping away from the fight.

JAMES SHEARER is board president and a co-founder of Spare Change News.





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