Your supple hands caress my cheeks
Like a loving mother
Your breath twirls across my eyes and
Slowly collapses like a graceful silhouette
As the dirge of song birds
echoes in the darkness
echoes in the darkness
echoes in the darkness
Then there came a cold chill
as a wave of winter dust descended deliberately
from the mountains and pierced right through me
like a thousand needles kissing me
knocking me down so that my head rested
wantonly against your breast
then I could hear what I couldn’t see
the rustling of your leafy fingers
the rush of your wakeful breath over the mountains
then there came the tree slayers
I stood there watching how
their mockery and complacency cut right through you
like a giant persistent knife and i watched you bleed
I watched you nurse your wounds
With a gentle elevated elegance
Then I watched you crumble
Only to see you rise again,
Just a little greener than before.

-Jacques Fleury






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