hunger & homelessness testimonials

In the public eye there is a common misunderstanding that poverty, hunger and homelessness are not issues faced by the members of our society that are privileged enough to attend college. This November the University of Massachusetts-Boston held a Hunger and Homelessness week to raise awareness and educate students about the realities of poverty. As a part of the week, students were asked to share testimonials of their personal experiences with hunger and homelessness.
Here are some of their statements:

“Think about the fact that around 20% of American children live in poverty.
These children will be, and are, stronger than you and me.”

“I was raised by a single mother raising 4 girls on her own. She had a job
but still could not afford to buy groceries after all the bills. Sometimes
there would be no lunch unless it was school lunch and many times we went
to bed without dinner”

“I am currently a homeless college student and mother staying in a shelter
and no one even realizes that.”

“When I was younger my family hit a low point and I had to rely on school
lunch to feed me. If I missed school, I had no food.”

“A homeless man once told me the greatest pain about being poor is when you
ask for help [most people] ignore you.”

“I’ve been 2 months working with homeless people. I’m happy to call them
friends. They share everything, even with me.”

“Need of Help
Need Health Improvement
Need Closure of Hunger
Needs Just One Opportunity to Live”

“Lived in a shelter with my daughter for a year. Changed my life.”

“I was homeless from August to October of this year, hopping from New York
City, Boston, and Portland, Maine. I received EBT SNAP in Manhattan and saw
first-hand the true kindness of the homeless population. I can say, the
idea of homelessness today is incredibly inaccurate.”






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