Guns, Guns, Guns

As promised, the President presented his proposals for gun control, through the panel led by the Vice-President, a month after the shootings at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut. Most of the new proposals are really nothing new: tougher background checks, assault weapons ban, and limiting magazine rounds. Requiring background checks for all gun sales, which means that gun shows are now required to do background checks, is a new proposal. This seems to be a good thing because of all the accidents that happened at these shows. Some of the folks at these events shouldn’t even have a gun in their hands. In addition, some parents that attend these shows let their kids handle these weapons.

Remember the 8 year old that accidentally killed himself at a Massachusetts gun show in 2008? So, this proposal is a good Idea, but, as usual, the boneheads in the south and rural America oppose it, but why? Is it because of that tired, old, and outdated argument, “Our second amendment rights are being violated.” Please, I don’t think the founding fathers had owning high powered weapons that murdered children, movie goers and Christmas shoppers in mind. That’s like saying the founders of Spare Change News intended it to be a scandal rag that ruins people's lives. The whole thing doesn’t make any sense. Someone please tell me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one of our first priorities as parents to protect our children by any means necessary? Don’t we have the right to send our kids, grandkids, and godchildren off to school without wondering if some manic who’s having an off day will show up at their school with a high powered machine gun. Some think that arming our teachers is the answer. Yeah, and what happens when some kid who’s being bullied grabs the teacher’s gun and starts firing at those who are accosting them.

What brilliant plan will the NRA come up with then? There is the argument for armed security instead of armed kindergarten teachers, but there was armed security at Columbine and we all know how that worked out. Speaking of armed security and the NRA, the blowhards took out an ad which begged the question, “Are the President’s children more important than our own?” This is because Obama was skeptical of arming kindergarten teachers while his daughters are guarded by the Secret Service. The ad was wrong on so many levels, the most obvious being that the Obama girls don’t have a choice about the secret service; it comes with their father’s current place of employment.

Secondly, why would you drag a couple of kids into the argument, they have nothing to do with it, but that’s the NRA, and don’t think for a minute that it’s about rights with those guys. It’s all about the Benjamin’s folks, simple as that. The more gun laws, the less green for them. As usual, they and their zombie followers develop alternative excuses for gun violence such as video games, Hollywood,demonizing the mentally ill, and let us not forget that devil music. Oh, you mean all those kids in urban areas like Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and South Central LA are killing each other after hearing America’s top 40, really? Oh, and by the way I play video games, so do others in my family and their hasn’t been any mass killings to date. So, all that is moot. The proposals to curb gun violence won’t solve everything, but it’s a damn good start.





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