Transit of Venus: A Review


Transit of Venus by Three Days Grace (RCA, $11.88)

The Canadian rock band, Three Days Grace, is back with another album! Transit of Venus was released October 2, 2012 with Adam Gontier’s brilliant vocals welcoming us to this beautiful sound. You may be more familiar with their songs “Never Too Late,” “I Hate Everything About You,” or maybe even “Animal I Have Become.” These songs are very few of the many popular songs they have produced from their 2006 album “One-X” which was so impressive, Billboard Magazine awarded the band Rock Artist of the Year! “Animal I Have Become” was the most played rock song in Canada which landed them yet another award based on the songs popularity on the radio.

The bands 2009 album, “Life Starts Now” delivers a more empathetic side with songs like “Break”, “World So Cold,” “Lost In You,” and “The Good Life.” We can all relate to the struggles these songs reveal. Whether you are having relationship issues, problems at work or just struggling through life in general, Three Days Grace has a song for you.

Transit of Venus is an album that takes things to new level for Three Days Grace. The band experiments with instrumentals and electronic sounds which is, as we all now, quite a popular move in music. Although they have experimented a bit, our beloved band managed to keep the sound fans know and love. Some may be interested to know that this abum contains a song by Michael Jackson! “Give In To Me” has been taken and changed into a faster, more edgy song with the amazing raspy voice Grontier is famous for. Don’t worry MJ fans, there was no harm done in the remake of this song! It is actually a beautiful and smooth song that I know you will appreciate.

If you had not heard of Three Days Grace already, well, shame on you! Three Days Grace is one of the leading bands in the music industry and continues to get better and better at improving, morphing and shaping their sound. Fans of Three Days Grace find it hard to choose a favorite song on the new album because they are JUST THAT GOOD! However, it has been noted that “Chalk Outline” is a big hit! “You left me here like a chalk outline/On the sidewalk waiting for the rain to wash away, wash away/You keep coming back to the scene of the crime/But the dead can't speak and there's nothing left to say anyway/All you left behind is a chalk outline” WOW! With a powerful chorus like this, who wouldn’t want to tune in? Every song has a deep meaning and produces a sound that reaches the soul. If you find yourself a tad emotional after listening to their songs, don’t be alarmed. This is just your body’s way of letting you know that what you are hearing means something to you. So if you haven’t heard of them until you read this piece, give them a chance to Rock Your World!

—-Aunnakalia Boyce






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