Labels and the Immigration Problem

A few weeks ago, the Mayor of Lynn was explaining how the flood of immigrants has affected Lynn’s economy in a not necessarily good way. She said the city is spending more on education, and most of the new immigrant children don’t know English well enough to get a proper education in the school system. To but it bluntly, immigration has taken it’s toll on Lynn (my words, not hers). She offered an alternative: a charter or regional school to help these kids learn English. That makes sense, right? It was one of several ideas she offered, and for her trouble, she was called a racist. Why is it that when people who don’t agree with the status quo, they are called racist? Seriously? If you don’t play along with the so-called good hearted libs in this country, your anti this or anti that, or homophobic, or anti-Semitic. Why do we place these labels on people who don’t do the politically correct thing? I’m not talking about ignorant idiots, and we have plenty of those. I’m talking about people who don’t necessarily believe that one size fits all, especially when it comes to immigration.

With the exception of LGBT civil rights, nothing seems to divide us the way immigration does these days. I personally don’t think Lynn’s mayor is way off base. Why? It’s all about how you look at it folks. First of all, no one is saying that we should drag all these kids out of school and send them back to where they came from. In all her statements, not once do you hear her say that, or even suggest it. So think about it. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the government, who wants us to accept these kids with open arms, to build or establish some kind of charter school so these kid can learn a little bit of English before they just dump them in some city where it’s already bad enough, that no one likes them just because of who they are. It’s not fair to anyone, especially these new kids.

I’ve been in classes when I was in school with kids who barely know English. They can’t keep up and it holds the rest of the class back. Sooner or later the teacher gives up, the class moves on, and you’ve got a sad, angry kid who has no friends and doesn’t know English. We all know how those kids end up. But don’t blame the kids, or the teacher, or the Mayor of Lynn. Blame your stupid government who says give us your tired and poor, but without a game plan. Hell, they don’t even have a game plan for unaccompanied minor American children. Then you have undocumented immigrants, not the kids but the adults. The Republican candidate for governor, Charlie Baker, a couple of months ago spoke of how when it comes to low-income housing, American residents and legals should be given priority. I actually agree with Charlie. Illegals enter this country and most are automatically deemed homeless though they may be living with relatives. They go on housing lists and are eligible for services like welfare and health care. Meanwhile you have people who have worked all their lives in this country and have to fight for these same benefits when they can no longer work. So yes, Americans should be the priority. Those that are illegal should go to the back of the line. No one should be homeless, no one, but fair is fair. If that makes me racist …well sorry everyone has a right to an opinion regardless of a stupid label. It’s actually OK not to see eye to eye on everything, but put the blame on those that really deserve it. Who you ask? It’s the people who steal your tax dollars every year. I have a label for them too, but I can’t put it in print.



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