YANKOVIC'S GREATEST HITS: Top 10 parody song countdown

From his memorable nerd anthems to his onslaught of food parodies, here are our favorite “Weird” Al singles spanning three decades:

1. Eat It, 1984.

Best Line: “Get yourself an egg and beat it.”



2. Like A Surgeon, 1985.

Best Line: “It’s a fact … I’m a quack. The disgrace of the AMA.”



3. Tacky, 2014.

Best Line: “Got my new resume, it’s written in Comic Sans.”


4. Another One Rides The Bus, 1983.

Best Line: “It was smellin’ like a locker room, there was junk all over the floor. We’re already packed in like Sardines, now we’re stopping to pick up more!”


5. Amish Paradise, 1994.

Best Line: “I’ve been milkin’ and plowin’ so long, that even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone.”


6. Bedrock Anthem, 1993.

Best Line: “Yabba dabba yabba dabba do now … Don’t know what it means, but I say it anyhow!”


7. Fat, 1988.

Best Line: “My zippers bust, my buckles break … I’m too much man for you to take.”


8. White & Nerdy, 2006.

Best Line: “The only question I ever thought was hard, was ‘do I like Kirk, or do I like Picard?’”

9. The Saga Begins, 1999.

Best Line: “Yoda sensed in him much fear, and Qui-Gon said “Now listen here! just stick it in your pointy ear! I still will teach this boy…”

10. Smells Like Nirvana, 1992.

Best Line: “We’re so loud and incoherent. Boy, this oughta bug your parents!”

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