HUD awards Local Homeless and Service Programs $7.8 Million

Dozens of local Homeless housing and service programs received a boost  from the Department of Housing and Urban Development recently as the agency continues to work towards President Barack Obama’s goals to prevent and end homelessness.

HUD announced in a press release that 39  homeless housing and service programs in Massachusetts received $7.8 million in Continuum of Care (CoC) grants yesterday at the conclusion of the FY 2015 CoC Program Competition.

“The competition to award FY 2015 CoC grants was the most competitive ever, both locally and nationally,” the press release read.  “This is consistent with HUD’s policy goals as well as Congressional direction to stringently review performance, increase competition for CoCs, and not simply fund renewals in the FY 2015 CoC competition.”

HUD hopes to achieve with this competition an increased efficiency for allocating grants, the press release read. Applicants were asked to demonstrate a combination of performance data and local needs as well as ideas for how to solve the national issue of homelessness.

“We know how to end homelessness and these grants support local programs that are proven to prevent and end homelessness as we’ve come to know it,” HUD secretary Julián Castro said in the press release. “As we continue to make progress toward ending homelessness in this country, HUD is challenging communities to use more cost effective solutions to help those experiencing homelessness.”

Sasa Jovanovic is an intern for Spare Change News from Thayer Academy.






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