Meet HEP’s New Executive Director

I’m a big fan of the inspirational quote by Albert Schweitzer: “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Many times in my life, I’ve encountered someone who’s inspired me when I most need it. That spark of inspiration has been like a breath of fresh air … a saving grace. When pondering some of the challenges we face in our society, I’ve realized it would certainly help the conversation if each of us was that spark to everyone we encounter. Although, in reality, more and more people are dealing with home insecurity, hunger, addiction, trauma, post-traumatic stress and loneliness, among other stressors. I ponder every day how to create a kinder, more loving society … in partnership and in support of each other.

My name is Eva Montibello, and I’m the new executive director of the Homeless Empowerment Project. It’s been my life’s passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others. One of the mission goals of Spare Change News is to inform the public about the issues and realities faced by people living in poverty. At Spare Change News, we will continue to share these realities and will continue to be one of the change makers—helping to create sustainable solutions to the growing challenge of poverty. We are going to need all hands on deck to accomplish this goal!

As the new kid on the block, please allow me to share a bit about myself. I have a master’s degree in communications management from Simmons College and a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Salem State University. Professionally, I’ve spent most of my career in private industry working in marketing, media, sales and events where I had the opportunity to travel extensively and meet many interesting people. About seven years ago, I had my son John and switched gears to help pass four bills in the Massachusetts legislature in efforts to prevent child sexual abuse and hold the people who abuse children accountable. I’ve also been running my own consulting business. I’ve also been a volunteer since I was seven years old with leading-edge organizations such as Protect Mass Children, Horizons for Homeless Children, Military Friends Foundation, Nevins Health Center and The Ellie Fund, among others.

Going forward, we will continue the important work of empowering self-employment, skill-development and self-expression for the economically disadvantaged while sharing the important stories of their lives. We’re committed to working with all age groups to create resilience and career training that can last a lifetime; empowering leaders of leaders; and providing care and support for those who most desperately need it. I’m both proud and excited to be one of the newest members of the Spare Change News team. I invite and welcome any feedback or support. Feel free to contact me at I’m often in the office on Friday mornings, so feel free to stop by and visit!

Finally, be sure to learn more about our 25th Anniversary Gala on Friday, October 20 at the Non-Profit Center at We are celebrating an Evening of Hope and Empowerment and will discuss our plans for the next 25 years! We have sponsorships available for the gala and other important programs that make a tremendously positive difference in the lives of those we serve! I’m looking forward to meeting and being in partnership with each one of our amazing vendors, staff, committees, purchasers, community partners and donors! I hope to see you soon!






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