The Beginning of the End of Free Internet

Do you use Yahoo as your Internet provider?  Well, if you do, here’s a heads up for you. Yahoo has been taken over by Verizon and joined with AOL.  Verizon acquired Yahoo, joining them with AOL, to form an organization that is ominously named Oath. These companies  will have strong access to all of your communications and they can start to charge fees for the services they provide.

When you join Oath you waive your right to be a part of a Class-Action Suit, making it hard for anyone affected by issues like a data breach or privacy issues to sue.  I believe that this is the end of free Internet use. Just like in the past when television formed Pay TV and they said we wouldn’t have advertisements—but now we have advertisements and no free television.

Oath is the end of the free Internet just like cable TV was the end of free television.  Also, Oath/Yahoo will collect data from all of its users, all of your transactions, everything you say to people on the internet.  Oath will make Facebook look small-time when it happens and any data breach will be gigantic.

This giant company, Verizon, AOL, and Yahoo is spread throughout all the countries in South America and Europe.  Yahoo will set and access cookies on your computer, like many other groups do, but Oath will be the largest and most ominous group of all.

Yahoo can share the information they collect with other brands under the Oath umbrella, including access to cookies on your computer.  Pretty freaky.

Yahoo reserves the right to send you certain communications, such as service announcements and administrative messages and other messages relating to the service without giving you the option of opting out of receiving them.

When they talk about losing internet neutrality, this is what they mean.  Right now the Internet is free but corporate entities don’t like it when people get things for free; corporations want to charge fees for this wonderful free Internet we have.

America has changed so much.  Back when I was young, if anybody had said that banks would be charging fees for letting you keep your money there, people would have scoffed at that.  When I was young people put there money in saving accounts and would get interest on the money.

That doesn’t happen anymore.  Now you have to lock up your money for a specific amount of time, like a 47 month CD and if you need the money before the specific time is up, you lose the interest and are charged a fee.  Imagine that! This is your money that you are letting the banks use to make money and they charge you for the service.

Television, banks, all kinds of corporate entities now own us, and one percent of the people in the world control over 75 percent of the money.  That means that 99 percent of the people only have 25 percent of the money in the world.

We don’t live in a democracy anymore.  Everyone in government is rich and they make the rules to their advantage.  Right now I’m one of the lucky people who have a larger portion of the 25 percent and that is only because my wife finished college, received her Ph.D. and was able to make enough money to buy a house with her mother’s help.

I never thought that I would have this kind of fortune. I still struggle and we make decisions all the time as to what we have to give up to keep living. We are seniors and live on a fixed income and I still carry debt in some areas of my life.

But when I was a heroin addict, I had nothing and lived on the streets so I’ve moved to a upper level of the 25 percent, but we are still only in the 12 percent range of money and depend on different things to survive.  But if it wasn’t for my wife, I would be still in the lower 3 percent of the poverty level.

But let’s  get back to the Internet, one of the free things we have. Soon, through Oath, the Internet won’t be free anymore. People say that can’t happen, but it can. I saw it happen with  TV and bank fees.

Soon we’ll have internet fees which mean that we’ll have communication fees.  Anything good that people create that we use for free will soon be taken over by the corporate structure and then we’ll be charged for it.

The rich want to be richer and they know only one way of doing it.  They want to take our money from us any way they can. They take an Oath to do it with their hands on the Bible.



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