Men Acquitted for Death of Homeless Woman in House Fire

Two men suspected of starting a house fire that killed a 29-year-old homeless women in 2016 were found no guilty by a jury in Suffolk Superior Court in August.
The decision came after two and half days of deliberation by the jury following a week of testimony, according to Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman Jake Wark.
Marcus Dozier, 46, and Kenneth Ford, 44, were arrested in 2017 and were facing arson and second degree murder charges related to Michelle Trentor’s death, Wark said.
Trentor was asleep when the house caught fire on the morning of November 5, 2016 on George Street in Roxbury and perished in the flames.
Wark said jurors arrived to their decision after listening to a week-long testimony, which included “members of the homeless community who used the scene as a place to sleep.”
Dozier and Ford, both believed to be homeless, maintained their innocence and were acquitted on August 20, though Wark said the house “caught fire under suspicious circumstances” after the verdict.
Both tried to get separate trials but were denied by a judge on August 1 and were tried together.
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