Are the Homeless Trump’s Next Target?

President Trump has been in the news once again for all the wrong reasons. He’s been attacking people of color and saying that they should all go back to where they came from, among other things, but there is one story that people and the media seem to have forgotten about. 

“It’s a phenomena that started two years ago.” That, boys and girls, is the President of the United States talking about homelessness. I guess I should be happy that someone in the West Wing is finally talking about homelessness, but then it dawns on me with that statement that he really doesn’t have a clue. The interview that quote came from was on FOX News (where else?) with Tucker Carlson in early July. Trump claimed homelessness was on his radar, but instead of offering solutions he blamed liberal governors and mayors. 

It didn’t sound as if he cares about actually helping homeless people, rather it sounded like he was talking about taking people off the streets so his dictator friends won’t see them. He even claimed that during the early part of his term he did have people removed from the street so foreign visitors wouldn’t see them. Like many of his claims, this one couldn’t be verified. 

“They can’t be looking at that” he said. Looking at what, Mr. President? Looking at people living on the streets, in doorways, and in shelters and you’re trying to explain why in the so-called greatest country in the world there are thousands living in the streets and millions on the verge of it? Well then again you wouldn’t be able to because you have no clue. You sir, are a con man and a fraud. you should be hosting the Price is Right, not sitting in the Oval Office. I’ve known homeless men, women and even children that are far more compassionate, educated, and generally qualified to be President than you. But enough with the insults. What bothers me more than his uneducated statements is the fact that his base hangs on his every word, and chant “lock her up” and “send her back.” I’m concerned that his followers will commit violence against the homeless. We’ve seen it more than once, his followers attacking the media, threatening the Congresswomen he insulted, and attacking immigrants. Hey, these are people who actually believe that JFK Jr. is still alive and Trump is going to make him his new running mate. Look it up if you don’t believe me. That bothers me more than anything this Lex Luthor wannabe could say. Even though Luthor is a fictional character I have more respect for him; at least he had a brain. 







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