Stand up to state sponsored kidnapping

The other night I had a conversation with a close friend and comrade in the movement I’m involved in. She was reasonably upset because her daughter, who is in foster care, was removed from her foster home and nobody told her. It’s an ongoing struggle for her, her husband and her children who were taken away due to false accusations of child endangerment.

She wouldn’t hurt a fly and even after she proved that point by doing everything she was asked, including getting the charges against her expunged and having visits with her children, they still wouldn’t give them back to her. 

I’m talking about the Department of Youth Services in Pennsylvania, but no matter where you are, Child Protection services, or whatever they call themselves, it’s all the same thing: State sponsored kidnapping. Liberals have become unglued over children being taken from parents that cross the border, well boys and girls that’s been happening here in the US for years! Kids can be taken from families just because they happen to be poor.

If this sounds a little personal it’s because it is. DCF took away my son from his mother years ago. We weren’t together at the time and she got married to a man who turned out to be an abusive jerk, so they took the kids. She turned things around and divorced her husband but still didn’t get the kids back. Why? My ex is disabled and DCF used that excuse to take away her parental rights. The same thing happened with my god children after someone made a complaint over the phone. It turned out to be someone that held a grudge against their mother. That’s right, anyone can file a complaint against a parent without revealing their identity.

 Child protection services doesn’t check them out – it can be anybody! Imagine that; you can get your children taken away because someone has a hair across their ass. But that’s the system we live in folks and it didn’t just start with Donald Trump ordering brown babies to be taken from their parents. And by the way, poor white families get their kids snatched too. Like I said this didn’t just start with Trump, it’s been going on for hundreds of years -check your history. 

No not those fairytales they teach in schools, real history. 

Ask Native Americans about their children and the damage that was done to them, look up Black History and read about how slave masters stole children from slaves and sold them to what else? Other slavers. And yes, children have died in foster care and have been forced to live in inhuman conditions. And guess what boys and girls? Once a child ages out of foster care, they’re on their own. Imagine being taken from your mom at birth because she’s an addict, they claim they are saving you from a horrible fate, and then at 18 or 21 you end up homeless anyway. The addicted parent may not even get a chance to get her child back, even when she tries hard and follows the rules. She’s most likely at the mercy of some program that treats her like God knows what, shaming her,  and she has to sit there and take it or she may never see her little one again. They will say they did everything to help the parent out, but that’s a lie. If that were the case then my friend, who doesn’t have a substance abuse problem, would have her children back. 

So we must stand up for these parents and fight for them, they and their children have rights. The government needs to keep their hands off our kids. My friend tells me that as long as the government keeps making money, they’ll keep taking our children, she’s absolutely right. Why? Because it’s the system, stupid.



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