By Al Action, Vendor-Writer

Love isn’t overrated.

It’s no accident we met. 

It was a match made in Heaven.

Give me a minute of your time.

Sit down next to me for a moment.

Let’s talk.

You think I love you.

I think you’re right.

You gave me a life I always wanted.

A life with the woman I love.

The most honest thing I can say to you,

I am so glad that I’m in love 

with an incredible woman.

I remember the first time

we went out on a date.

I was very much impressed 

with who you are.

I remember the first time

you put your hand into mine

on the elevator 

after the evening movie.

I remember the first time

you kissed me 

behind that tree

during our walk in the park

with your dog.

I remember the first time

we had ice cream together.

I pushed the strawberry ice cream cone 

onto your nose 

then licked it off

and gave you a kiss.


            I do.






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