Where to Go from Here Depends on Accepting Where We Are Now

Finally, Donald Trump is gone. Joe Biden will be our new President, and a woman, a black woman will be our VP. 

While there is cause for celebration, there is also cause for concern, as well. 

Yes, the game show host and his clown show have been evicted but not before that parting shot, the ransacking of the Capitol by his crazed supporters. Think about this: the people involved in that attack on January 6 were only a small portion of his supporters. Remember that 70 million people voted for Trump, which, in my opinion, says more about the racism in this country than it does about his popularity. 

Trump and his band of whatever you want to call them made it easier for those who believe in white supremacy to express themselves and their fears of America becoming a black and brown country. They set out to keep it that way. 

My friends, I’m afraid that will continue until white America comes to grips with the fact that this country was founded on a myth. The founders pulled the greatest trick of all time: that “all men were created equal.”

So, knowing all of this, what exactly are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris going to do? How are they going to bridge the enormous divide that exists in this country? 

Maybe they should first stop saying, “This is not who we are.” It’s the same tired, old saying used every time this country experiences an incident of violence.

It’s as bad as the “thoughts and prayers” that Republicans push out after school shootings. Thoughts and prayers don’t work. Neither does saying “this isn’t who we are.” It’s exactly who we are, and until white America comes to grips with that, this divide will never end. We’ll have another Donald Trump — if not in four years, maybe eight years. 

Then, there’s the pandemic. Over 400,000 people have died from COVID-19, and 25 million have been infected in the US. The vaccine rollout was a failure under Trump and the rollout from Biden doesn’t exactly instill confidence in yours truly. 

I voted for Biden and Harris, and I don’t have buyer’s remorse yet, but I know that this two-party system doesn’t work and many of the things promised during the election just will not happen.

We need justice before we have unity. Picking a diverse cabinet is nice, but we need justice, then we can begin to talk about unity. Until then we’re exactly where we are.







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