To present, by our own example, that homeless and economically disadvantaged
people, with the proper resources, empowerment, opportunity, and encouragement are
capable of creating change for ourselves in society.

What We Do

Spare Change provides a locus of stability and community, and serves as a nexus
of life transition for its primary customers – the newspaper vendors. Meanwhile, the
publication is devoted to producing quality editorial content, which includes journalistic,
fiction, creative and opinion writing, illustration, and cartooning. This commitment is
meant to serve Spare Change’s secondary customers, i.e., the readers themselves.
Our content is almost always 100% locally produced, with much of it written, drawn and
photographed by currently or formerly homeless, or otherwise low-income individuals.
Finally, the newspaper serves as a resource for people in need of services such as
food, shelter, clothing, employment, healthcare and legal aid, as can be found in
the “Situations Wanted” and “Helping Hands” sections of the print edition.2,3

The headquarters of Spare Change News and the Homeless Empowerment Project are
located in the Old Cambridge Baptist Church at 1151 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge,
MA 02138

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