Tag: Issue 11-30-2012

  • hunger & homelessness testimonials

    In the public eye there is a common misunderstanding that poverty, hunger and homelessness are not issues faced by the members of our society that are privileged enough to attend college. This November the University of Massachusetts-Boston held a Hunger and Homelessness week to raise awareness and educate students about the realities of poverty. As […]

  • thanksgiving overload: food & family make a full community

    Starting on November 20, I endured three Thanksgiving parties and four Thanksgiving dinners. The first party I went to was at the TD Boston Garden on November 20th, from 1 – 4 pm. They had their 17th annual Thanksgiving party for homeless people and low-income individuals and families. While hundreds of people were being served […]

  • thereabouts: greater boston has a thriving cultural arts scene

    Even though a friend of mine who worked at the Tasty knew her—back before the Tasty, that little Harvard Square heaven, was swallowed up whole—Ani DiFranco’s music somehow didn’t cross my path until days ago, at her Wilbur Theater show. I’m not sure why I never found out about her. Maybe it was because I […]

  • Book Review: HR by Geoffrey Neil

    HR (Human Resources) by Geoffrey Neil (Priorities Intact Publishing, $2.99) “To see others suffer does one good, to make others suffer even more: This is a hard saying but an ancient, mighty, human, all-too-human principle. . . . Without cruelty there is no festival.”—Friedrich Nietzsche Morana was beautiful and intelligent, with no sense of morality […]

  • "Common Cathedral," "Sestina: Journey to New Land," and "Song of War and Peace" by Maria Termini

    Common Cathedral It’s too cold for a Sunday in spring, I have been waiting for warmth so much, but I am here on the Boston Common, and have come to pray, praise, and sing with homeless people of faith, now scattered around a dry fountain. I wonder if I can play my guitar with cold […]