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  • Healthcare is a Human Right

    Healthcare is a Human Right

    By the time you read this, I will have had my second surgery to plant a fistula in my arm for my eventual dialysis treatment. But that is not what I want to talk about today. After all, I’m fine, and  I’m reasonably healthy because I have been lucky. I have great healthcare, and I’m […]

  • Bay State Takes a Step Toward Single Payer

    Bay State Takes a Step Toward Single Payer

    State senators have approved an amendment to a bill that could help pave the way to a single-payer health-care system in Massachusetts. The amendment, now attached to a larger health-care reform bill in the legislature, directs the state’s nonpartisan Health Policy Commission to compare three years of actual health care costs in the state to […]

  • MassADAPT takes D.C.

    MassADAPT takes D.C.

    Trumpcare is the Term the Media has Given to Donald Trump’s Version of Healthcare For the American People. Too Bad it’s not What the People of America Want. I went to Washington D.C. on Wednesday March 23, with four other members of MassADAPT, days before House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the Republicans’ healthcare bill on […]

  • Medical Care from a Van: Q & A with Dr. Avik Chatterjee

    Medical Care from a Van: Q & A with Dr. Avik Chatterjee

    Dr. Avik Chatterjee, a doctor trained in internal medicine and pediatrics, has been taking care of homeless patients out of a medical van as part of an outreach program at Boston Health Care for the Homeless for the past three years. He works out of the van two days a week, and during his short […]

  • A Doll, A Square & Healthcare

    James Shearer 1. Gwen, The Homeless Doll            When someone first mentioned this story to me I thought they were pulling my leg, but low and behold it’s true. The American Girl Doll collection, which is owned by Mattel, is a big hit for its portrayal of little girls from all walks of life. Their […]