Healthcare is a Human Right

By the time you read this, I will have had my second surgery to plant a fistula in my arm for my eventual dialysis treatment.

But that is not what I want to talk about today. After all, I’m fine, and  I’m reasonably healthy because I have been lucky.

I have great healthcare, and I’m covered for pretty much everything. I even have great doctors at a damn good hospital where I get the care I need when I need it. My co-pays on prescription drugs aren’t too bad. So like I said, I’m lucky. I only wish that others had the healthcare that I have but sadly, they do not.

I can’t understand why, in a country like America, there isn’t adequate healthcare for everyone. Isn’t it a human right? It should be! Why is it that this country does not have universal healthcare, or even recognize it as a human right? Yes, I know we have Obamacare, but it has holes in it and the fact that the Right is always trying to dismantle it instead of trying to fix it doesn’t help.

What were the founding fathers thinking by not putting the right to healthcare in the Constitution? Things like Single Payer and Medicare for all have been tossed around for the last couple of years, and even Democrats have pooh-poohed it. Meanwhile, people continue to suffer from not getting the healthcare they need. Those living in poverty and homelessness have a difficult time getting the care they need, and there is no political will to address it.

It seems that the main argument is always cost. “It’s too much money,” say the people in D.C. who continue to spend billions on the military, endless wars and themselves. And that’s part of the problem: rich elites don’t care about the poor. It’s pretty simple, and it applies to the Left as well as the Right.

Make no mistake. Healthcare is a human right, and there is absolutely no excuse why everyone in this so called greatest country in the world can’t have quality care. We have the best hospitals and the best doctors, and every man, woman and child should have access to that. No more excuses. We need to stand up and go after what is truly ours and what is right.

I want people to have the same care as me. Anything else is an insult.

On second thought, how about the same healthcare that the do nothings in D.C. get? That’d work.




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