Tag: Issue 11-04-2011

  • More Students, Less Money For Higher Education

    Adam Sennott Spare Change News Enrollment at publicly funded colleges is up, driven by a demand for an affordable college education and, for many students, a focus on workforce development with the real-life connec- tions to regional employers that are found at community colleges. At the same time, state support for those state and community […]

  • Tales from the Wandering: Stories based on the lives of the homeless in Boston

    Tales from the Wandering Stories based on the lives of the homeless in Boston Spotting Your Own Skin For the better part of the next ten years, the Black Smoke stayed within orbit around a variety of couches and TV screens in the tristate area. In the beginning, he’d pour out of the room and […]

  • Poetry At Occupy Boston

    Following this short piece is a poem I read at Occupy Boston Poetry. As I walked into the camping area I was impressed at the organization of the occupation. The people had a logistics tent, a media tent and a staging area where they would hold meetings and entertainment. It was truly an honor to […]

  • Fight Addiction Your Own Way

    Aaron James Spare Change News Fourteen months since a lick of alcohol has touched my lips! There have been many close calls. I have actually opened a can, only to end up flushing it down a thirsty toilet. I have had many nights of hell, bringing myself to the breaking point, nights where I truly […]

  • Candidates for Council-at-Large Speak at Rosie's Place Forum

    Beatrice Bell Spare Change News On October 6th, 2011 the ladies at Rosie’s Place met the candidates for city council. Will Dorcena is running to be a Council-at-Large member and he hopes to work at Boston City Hall to help people in the different Boston communities. He wants his daughter to have a better life […]

  • ‘The homeless need a place to go’

    JEREMY “JAY JAY” PARKS Spare Change News I was homeless for nine years in Florida. My story begins on a cold night when my mom decided that I could not live with her any more, so she packed my stuff and put it outside the door. I went to my friend’s house, because I was […]

  • Food Stamps for Fast Food in Rhode Island

    Robert Sondak Spare Change News Some 30,000 low-income households on food stamps in Rhode Island may now buy prepared restaurant meals at Subway fast food restaurants. The Rhode Island Food Access Project will provide healthy food options for the homeless, disabled and elderly who cannot cook for themselves or store food where they live. Rhode […]

  • Phillips Brooks House Volunteers Work for Intangible Rewards

    Julie Monrad Spare Change News When students enter college they often have the mindset that life is full of possibilities, especially in reference to saving the great big world. They have a fresh start and a future ahead of them, as well as four years to grow into who they wish to be for the […]

  • Editorial: Marjorie Decker, A Record of Helping Others

    Editorial: Marjorie Decker Last spring, the Homeless Empowerment Project held a silent auction to raise money for Spare Change News. We had invited Cambridge City Councilor Marjorie Decker as our speaker for the evening, but we were still looking for someone to auction off a few valuable lots. Marjorie came through for us, as a […]