A Few Thoughts on the Cusp of Summer

1. The Oil Spill
For weeks now we have been hearing about the oil spill in Louisiana that was caused by an explosion. The blast killed 11 people and has caused oil to spread throughout the Gulf and Gulf Coast, creating havoc for wildlife and the environment as a whole. Forgotten throughout this fiasco are the people who were killed in the explosion. And from everything we’ve seen and heard about BP, those folks were murdered, plain and simple.

The other thing that continues to happen is all of the finger pointing. If half as much effort were put into plugging the hole from which the oil continues to pour into the sea, the damn thing would have been plugged up already. But the blame game continues unabated, just as the spill itself continues. Memo to all you idiots: stop pointing fingers and put a sock in the damn hole already. After that put the killers from BP on trial.
2. Cutting Services to Illegals
I may be the only person in Massachusetts who is applauding the passing of the bill in the State Senate that cuts services to illegal immigrants. Don’t misunderstand—I’m totally against what’s going on in Arizona. But still it’s wrong for people who are here illegally to take benefits and services away from American born people who really need them. Look, I know the path to citizenship in this country is long and complicated, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek it. It isn’t fair to the many thousands of legal immigrants who come to this country and work hard to support their families, meanwhile taking that tough road to become citizens of this country, that some choose to come here and live on the dole.

And as far as those on the left, spare me the sob stories. Here’s one for ya: a young couple comes to this country with their children applies for citizenship. They get their temporary green cards, move into a small apartment, and both work long, hard hours at jobs that barely pay enough to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table. And worse yet, they can’t afford health care. But because they make a little too much money they can’t get food stamps or free medical care.

Think about the kid who comes to the good old USA to go to school and chase the American dream. He has to work waiting tables to pay for his education, again, without benefits, no food stamps, nothing. Now compare these scenarios to someone who comes here from another country and has no intention of doing anything yet gets everything. And to top it all off his visa ran out ages ago (or he never had one). So while that couple and that kid struggle legally to attain the American dream, this other person gets a free ride. Now you moon bats tell me what’s fair about that.
3. Paying Firefighters
This one I don’t get at all. A few weeks ago, an arbitrator settled a long-running dispute between the Boston Firefighters Union and the city. It was decided that the Jake’s should get a well-deserved pay increase—a big one of 19%. I say bully for them. However it seems that the Mayor and the City Council of Beantown, as well as most of the city, just don’t want to pay these guys. The Mayor and the City Council say that such a raise would deal a blow to the city budget, and the public is buying this.

To me this is a no brainer, Jakes risk their lives everyday. Just like police, EMS workers, etc, I’d rather have my tax dollars go to them than some corrupt politician stuffing their pockets or bras with money.

As for the population of Boston, you folks are happy to pay 20 bucks a whack to see someone hit a baseball. But when it comes to paying someone who is willing to run into a burning building to save your ass, you balk. Think about that the next time your fire alarm goes off and get back to me.
4. Thank You
Last month we celebrated our 18th year in business. It’s no secret that we almost didn’t make it. How we did is a story in itself. We got help from some truly amazing people who pretty much put their own lives on hold to help. They worked tireless hours to raise money, organize walks, attend meetings etc. Not to mention the work from our vendors who rose to the occasion, as they always do. I thank all of them and all of you readers for your endless support.
5. And Finally
This is a couple of months late, but we here at Spare Change want to send well wishes to two of our favorite people, Brian and Stephanie, who recently gave birth to a baby boy. We miss you guys! Give the little one a big hug from all of us. 



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