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On Thanksgiving 2021, dozens of people gathered near the intersection of Baoston’s “Mass and Cass” in the area often referred to as “Methadone Mile.” 

They carried with them 230 bags packed with socks, gloves, and other supplies to be distributed to the area’s unhoused people — on the street, local shelters, and the New England Center for Homeless Veterans — during The Fellow Man Project’s annual Pilgrim Run.

The Fellow Man Project is a collective of three New England based automotive culture organizations that have been organizing annually to bring a bit of support to those living on the streets.

“We do it Thanksgiving Day, because these individuals don’t have a house or families to sit near and have a meal, and why not share that special day with these individuals and let them know that there are people that still care about them,” says Javier Negron, owner of Import Evolution.

“There’s a quote that we always go by: Never lose focus. That can refer to a lot of things. ‘Never lose focus’ as in, tomorrow we could end up homeless, and we would hope that someone will do the same thing that we’re doing.” 



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